Claire in the Studio 2017

Claire in the Studio 2017



Claire is a painter with diverse skills enabling her to paint either portraits landscapes or still life using oil or watercolour . She enjoys teaching painting and drawing in the Woodbridge Area where she lives .Early she was raised in an artistic family context in London. Aged 16 she attended Ipswich Art School for two years . Then moving to London she was granted a BA in Art & Design with honours at St Martin’s School of Art -London and The Pratt Award for Creativity .

Aged 21 she moved to Paris working as a freelance designer for the most famous Haute Couture houses and teaching at Parson’s School of Arts.

 Claire came back to UK in 2006 ; went to Florence to study painting using Sight-size technique at Charles Cecil Studio. Last year she completed a Diploma under Martin Kinnear at the Norfolk School of Painting Claire recently completed the portraits of Henry VIII ’s  six wives now on display at St Mary’s Church in Woodbridge .

 Her desire is for the public to enjoy the Beauty of her Art and to illuminate many homes by their presence .