Aldeburgh Studio Trail Weekend one 8/9th JUNE 2019 Weekend two 15/16 JUNE  Weekend three 22/23 JUNE 

25 May-30 June "IPSWICH ART SOCIETY OPEN" Ipswich Art Gallery, 1 Upper High Street, Ipswich, Suffolk 

May 23rd - June 5th - Group exhibition at Artspace Woodbridge. Pigments: Yellow Ocre

Southwell Minster, April 2019

St Marys Church Woodbridge- 7 Paintings of Thomas Wolsey’s Angels Dec /January 2018/19

White Christmas - Group Exhibition at Artspace Woodbridge Dec 13th - Dec 30th

Autumn Exposition -shared with Sarah Baddon Price , Kate Felton and Delia Tourny Godfrey ; 13th September2018 at Artspace Woodbridge.

Ipswich Art Society 'Open' June - September2018 Ipswich Museum.

Summer Exposition - 12th July 2018 

Artspace -Woodbridge  29th March 2018  Spring exposition shared

St Marys Church Woodbridge December/January 2017/18

Winter exposition shared

Artspace-Woodbridge November 2017 Family

Ipswich Art Society 2017

Aldeburgh Studio Trail 2017

New British Gallery -Norfolk May 2017  Norfolk school of oil painting

Aldeburgh studio Trail 2016

Ipswich Art Society 2016